Astor Transistor Model P7G

  • Model : P7G
  • Transistors : 8 - AF116N, 2N412, 2N410 x2, 2N406 x2, OC74 x2
  • Battery : Eveready 276-P
  • Date : 1964
  • Dimensions : 250x100x180mm (WxDxH)
  • Working : Yes
  • Controls : On/off/volume, tuning
  • Connections : External antenna/earth

Picture of Astor P7G

This model is a P3B with the addition of an RF stage for vastly improved performance. Astor made no attempt to identify this as an improved version as it is visually identical to the P3B. The Philips supplied AF116N shows that Astor did not have a suitable RF transistor at this time. I believe that this is also the last Astor transistor to use a specialised Eveready battery, with all later models using discrete cells.

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