AWA Transistor Model 893P

  • Model : 893P
  • Transistors : 8 - 2N370 x2, 2N218 x3, 2N408, 2N270 x2
  • Battery : 2x Eveready 509 (6 volt lantern battery)
  • Date : 1959?
  • Dimensions : 365x165x245mm (WxDxH) closed.
  • Working : Yes
  • Controls : On/off/volume, tone, band switch, tuning
  • Connections : External antenna, phono input
  • Picture of AWA 893P

    Probably the biggest transistor portable ever made in Australia. Built on a metal chassis with tag strips and point-to-point wiring. Wooden case covered in vinyl. World time zone map in the lid and an 1100mm telescopic antenna. Covers 2-18 MHz in two bands plus broadcast.

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