HMV Transistor Model "Rangemaster"

  • Model : J4-17 "Rangemaster"
  • Transistors : 7 - OC170x2, OC169x2, OC75, OC74x2
  • Battery : Eveready 276P
  • Date : 1961?
  • Dimensions : 300x110x170mm (WxDxH)
  • Working : Yes
  • Controls : On/off, volume, tone, tuning, dial light
  • Connections : External antenna
Picture of HMV Rangemaster

An extremely large set with quite good performance. Still available in 1964, by then it had an input for a car radio antenna as well. The RF/IF transistor types had been changed to AF116/AF117 although the pcb overlay still showed the original types.

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