HMV Transistor Model "Kimberley"

  • Model : X1-1K (Kimberley)
  • Transistors : 9 - BF115, 2N3646, SE1010, AX1202, BF185, AY1110, SE6002, AC187, AC188
  • Battery : Eveready 276P
  • Date : 1968
  • Dimensions : 290x85x165mm (WxDxH)
  • Working : Yes
  • Controls : On/off/volume, tone, tuning, fine tune, dial light
  • Connections : Earphone
Picture of HMV Kimberley

HMV had to have a big shortwave radio and this is it. Built on the "Challenge" hardware, it includes a tuned RF amp and a separate local oscillator stage. It tunes from 1.6MHz to 30MHz as well as the broadcast band and has a 900mm whip antenna.

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